What happens after you visit? Well, you can keep checking us out or you can “escalate.”
Like steps on a ladder you can choose to go higher in your journey with God. But keep in mind that with every step up – a greater level of risk is taken and a greater level of faith is built.
  * The first step – you visit one of our experiences
  * A walk through the door
  * Easy, comfortable, a low level of risk
  * Come check us out
  * We pray you discover the hope and healing of Jesus
  * An insightful, informative and challenging class that shares our story, passions, dreams, and mission.
  * Getting connected with Membership is a great step.
  * Committing to spiritual maturity through spiritual habits
  * This includes a seven week course called “Living the way” – it covers the core essentials of a healthy Christ follower and the habits they walk in.
  * This step also includes the challenge of committing to a small group for spiritual maturity and growth.
  * This step is about understanding how your passions, gifts, and abilities were given for kingdom purposes
  * This is when a person moves from spectator to participator.
  * All of us together partnering with the mission in the local church
  * Learning to share your faith with others
  * Understanding how each and every Christ follower is called to be a missionary in their places of influence.
It is our desire to see you grow and develop a mature,
effective, and impactful walk with God.