Next Session Begins Fall 2024
Living the Way is a discipleship course that is a valuable tool in our Jesus Journey
Living the way covers three primary areas as given in John 14:6
What to Expect: 3 categories – 6 sessions – 13 weeks
John 14:6 – Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.
The purpose of this class is to develop in each of us a commitment to spiritual maturity
and to supply the spiritual and mental tools to see it accomplished
The Way
  • 1 – Who is the Way? – Understanding who God is
    • The attributes of God, Heaven and Hell, Problem of evil, the Trinity
  • 2 – What is the way? – Understanding Salvation
    • The problem, the plan, the transformation, the questions

The Truth

  • 3 – What is the Truth? – Understanding how we got the Bible
    • How we got the bible, where it came from, the evidence of reliability
  • 4 – How is the Truth used? – Understanding how to study the Bible
    • The writers, the versions, the tools

The Life

  • 5 – What is Abundant Life? – Understanding the Christ follower Lifestyle
    • The abundant life, abundant living, abundant choices
  • 6 – How do we live the Life? – Understanding the habits of a healthy Christ follower
What happens after you visit? Well, you can keep checking us out or you can “escalate.”
Like steps on a ladder you can choose to go higher in your journey with God. But keep in mind that with every step up – a greater level of risk is taken and a greater level of faith is built.
* The first step – you visit one of our experiences
* A walk through the door
* Easy, comfortable, a low level of risk
* Come check us out
* We pray you discover the hope and healing of Jesus
* An insightful, informative and challenging class that shares our story, passions, dreams, and mission.
* Getting connected with Membership is a great step.
* Committing to spiritual maturity through spiritual habits
* This includes a seven week course called “Living the way” – it covers the core essentials of a healthy Christ follower and the habits they walk in.
* This step also includes the challenge of committing to a small group for spiritual maturity and growth.
* This step is about understanding how your passions, gifts, and abilities were given for kingdom purposes
* This is when a person moves from spectator to participator.
* All of us together partnering with the mission in the local church
* Learning to share your faith with others
* Understanding how each and every Christ follower is called to be a missionary in their places of influence.
It is our desire to see you grow and develop a mature,
effective, and impactful walk with God.