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Livingway Update – Your tax deductible giving records are now available for download.
Livingway Family and friends –
To say 2020 was a different year is an understatement. We encountered more than we ever expected in our life and as a church. When churches went online last summer, there was an incredible decline around the world in member engagement and attendance. Initial online viewers jumped, then people started to drop out. Studies tell us that 1 out of 5 churches will likely close due to Covid in part due to financial loss and engagement drop. We have learned that online ministry is wonderful, but not a long-lasting substitute for personal connection.
Overall, Livingway has experienced a decline and drop in membership and church engagement, and we have also seen a $35,160 drop in annual giving as a church as a result of the pandemic in 2020.
Thankfully, Livingway is still here preaching the Word of God and seeing lives touched and changed. We have a strong and growing online presence on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We are seeing people come to Christ and get baptized, we are seeing new members added to the Livingway family, we are still doing consistent community outreach, and we faithfully continue our missionary relationships and support – all because of your faithful giving and our prayer partners.
As we have already seen this year, we will continue to see new surprises and challenges. The days we are in are unprecedented times. I ask you as you look over your giving records, pray about how you can increase your giving and consistency, so that we can continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around us and continue to bring the kingdom of Heaven to the world.
I am enthusiastic about 2021 and believe God has wonderful and exciting things in store for us – TOGETHER.
In Christ service,
Pastor Ted Blair
To access your giving records, follow the link below. If you do not have a password or remember your password, follow onscreen instructions. If you feel the information incorrect, contact us at
Your tax deductible giving records are now available for download.