Our Story

In November of 2002, a small group of people began meeting in a NE Dallas suburb home in Texas. For three months we prayed, worshipped, and sought God for direction and strategy concerning a new model for church in the north Garland / South Plano area of the Dallas Metroplex.
We eventually found an old smoky gutted out pool hall and began to renovate the commercial strip for our church. On February 2, 2003 we opened the doors of Livingway Church in Garland, Texas. Within a year we outgrew our seating and went to two services. After 18 months (2004) due to limited space and facility requirements, we moved across the street into a local movie theater.
In 2006 we moved to the Firewheel Town Center AMC Theater in Garland, TX – just a month after it opened. It was at this time that we truly began to step into who God called us to be. We consider that year to be our “reboot” year. We were blessed and excited to be in such a thriving and active location. The theater atmosphere was always energetic, but it never replaced the moving of God and the divine expectancy He brought every week.
In February of 2009 our Pastor, Ted Blair, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer. After months of treatment and Chemotherapy he was declared cancer free. He chronicled his story with a YouTube video series; the good, the bad, and the ugly all for God’s glory. You can see them here.
2009, that same year, God began to lay on our pastors heart a mission for a community venue that would serve the area and be the place Livingway and its ministries would meet on the weekend and during the week. A place that would at first be our new home, second a venue, and thirdly a coffee lounge. Providing a place for people to gather for friends, live music, counseling, and hope.  We call it – THE VIVE. 
Over the next several years we saw God bless our church and the lives of those who were a part. In the January 2016 we  felt Gods release to pursue the Vive. We prayed, prepared, and searched for a new location. God led us and gave us a great opportunity to renovate a space that no one wanted and was not what one would expect. God provided and we stepped out in faith. In September 2017, the space was completed and we stepped into the future vision for our church. October 15 was the grand opening of our new space and a launch day for our new season in following Jesus. 
Livingway’s current home is a unique experience – we meet at the Livingway owned venue – THE VIVE. Modern and industrial with warmth and style, the Vive is an exciting place for weekly ministries and events. 
We look forward to growing together with those that God sends and building a story of friendship, adventure, and changed lives – Living God’s way. One thing is for sure, we have never been typical, we have always sought to walk out God’s unique plan for us as a church. We may not have every program others churches have; but If you are looking for truth and relevance on the journey of life, this is it. We look forward to seeing you this weekend.