Our Mission 

Our mission is simple… everything we do, attempt to accomplish, and what drives our direction is our mission to develop authentic fully devoted Followers of Christ.
Living life in 3-D! The 3 D’s of Livingway:  Discover – Develop – Deploy.
Livingway Church exists to help this generation
DISCOVER the hope of Christ, DEVELOP maturity in Christ, and DEPLOY into the world for Christ.
The core of who we are is that Livingway is to be a place where you can bring anyone – anytime.
A place where everyone can understand and connect with God’s Word every single week.
We believe every human being on the planet craves:
* Real Truth (an encounter with the living God through Jesus)
* Real Worship (an experience with the living God through worship
* Real Relationships (accountability in honest caring friendships)
We seek to accomplish this through:
   * Sound & relevant methods that relate to a changing world the unchanging Word in a changing culture
   * Scripture-led discipleship & fellowship
   * Spirit-led praise & worship
   * Steady evangelism and missions
   * Specific emphasis on generational ministry