Our Leadership

Our ministry teams enjoy serving our community, whether in sharing our faith or just lending a helping hand. Here are a few of the Livingway Church staff.
Ted Blair (Lead Pastor) Send E-mail – ted@livingwaychurch.cc
Ted Blair, Senior Pastor of Livingway Church, is a graduate of CFNI (Christ for the Nations), DBU (Dallas Baptist University), and is currently finishing his Masters in apologetics from CCU (Colorado Christian University). Ted has been pastoring since 1992 and serving in ministry for over 37 years. Ted and his wife Nikol have been married 32 years and have two daughters, Noel and Summer.
Ted has a driven goal of seeing people come to know Jesus Christ, grow spiritually, and see the birth and exercise of their spiritual gifts in the kingdom of God. Ted co-hosted a weekly radio show, Lighthouse21, heard on 89.7 Power FM from ’92-’02. Ted has a passion and vision for a church that is missional in its approach, has a modern style, and yet holds tightly to strong expositional teaching. His zeal for men to rise as leaders in Christ and for families to find healing plays a significant role in his ministry. To learn more about the vision of Livingway and to read our mission statement, please visit – this page. Livingway church is the fruition of that vision today.
Nikol Blair (Women’s Ministry – Illuminate)
Nikol graduated from CFNI and attended Dallas Baptist University (1989-1992). She has over 30 years of ministry experience and service. Her compassion and care for families is a powerful gift to the church. She has a passion for discipleship and worship, but loves being a wife and mother most of all.
Ernest (Tiny) and Ida Martinez (Small Groups – Life Team’s)
Tiny and Ida love to see people grow in spiritual maturity. Their desire is to see people move beyond just attending a service and to engage in community and discipleship. Their kids and grandchildren keep them busy and on their knees in prayer. You can also see Ida helping with the Women’s Ministry and Tiny playing drums on Sunday’s as one the core leaders of our band
Henery and Nora Quinones (Kid’s Ministry – Kidventure)
Henery and Nora have a passion for Jesus and making disciples. They also share a love for the word of God that is expressed in the teaching and care of our children. They have a big family with kids in elementary school to college. They love their family, working with kids, and most of all – they love Jesus and seeing families growing in their walk and understanding of the love of Christ. They love to laugh and bring joy everyplace they go.
Van and Lenette Nguyen (Youth Ministry – Youth ONE)
Van and Lenette have a passion for leading teens to Christ and making disciples of Jesus. Married in 2022, they are loving life and serving the kingdom. They love to take adventure trips and relaxing together. They are a wonderful addition to the team of Livingway. 
Luke and Shauna Hawkins (Worship Band co-leader / Media)
Shauna is a co-leader of our worship band and is known for her faithfulness and flexibility. She defines what it means to be a team player. They are both graduates of ACU. Luke has faithfully served in our media department as our media and live stream director since our early years. They both love Jesus and seek to be Spirit led parents of their college age daughter. 
Byron Haley (Worship Band co-leader)
Byron is a co-leader of our worship band and been with us since the beginning. Byron’s sense of humor and passion for theology make him a joy to be around. Byron love Jesus and has a serious commitment to authentic worship. 
He and his wife Marlo keep active with children and grandchildren.
Stephen Crowder (Sound Team)
Stephen has also been with us since we started. The fist thing you discover about Stephen when you meet him is that he is truly an authentic Christ follower. His skills as a sound man are surpassed by his skills in making everyone feel special. Stephen and his wife Laura have 5 children. 
Ted Blair (Elder / Lead Pastor) Send E-mail – ted@livingwaychurch.cc
Ted is the senior Pastor of Livingway Church. He has been pastoring since 1992 and serving in ministry for over 37 years. Ted and his wife Nikol have been married 32 years and have two daughters. His passion for preaching the gospel and making disciples is at the heart and mission of Livingway. 
Mike Walls (Elder)
Mike and his wife Lurlene are an inspiration to everyone they meet. Whether it’s their kindness, humor, or willingness to do almost anything, Mike Walls is a wonderful example of the servant heart of Jesus.  
Tony Godina (Elder)
Tony Godina and his wife Betsy are committed and sold out to reaching this community with the hope of Jesus Christ. Their five daughters keep them busy, balanced, and enthused with passion and family focused.
Sam Olivarri (Elder) 
Sam and his wife Stephanie have been a part of our church family for many years. They have a passion for the kingdom of God and seeing people come to know the hope and heart of God. Sam’s love for his family keeps him grounded and his passion the word of God drives his ministry.
Stan Rogers (Elder)
Stan and his wife Janet are a powerful addition to our leadership team. His experience in teaching, counseling, and creative ideas are a great asset to our church. His love for Jesus and heart for scripture are evident right away.